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Thursday, December 1, 2016

No answer?

Someone ask me..
"What is your favorite month?"
Lama berfikir..
Tak pernah terlintas bulan apa yang best sejak dari abes study.
Sebab dulu boleh cakap the best month of coz la bulan holiday. school holiday, mid-term break, semester break etc. yang berkaitan dgn holiday.

Sekarang when my age dah 25++ y/o aku dah tak tahu what the best month. Tambah2 dah start keje.. Everyweek 5days working.. only two days weekend yang bleh lepak2 rehat.. So, what can I say, the best month is every month on the weekend? 😀😁

That person yang ask me this question give an answer is her birthday month..
Hurmmm.. Because the feeling for my birthday every year is same with other days which means OK. Takde lah nak nangis every day on that month. So, I tak boleh nak cakap the best month is month I born. Cannot2.. Conclusion: I'm a boring person yang can express myself to myself and try to endure everything happen and give the best I can and motivates self to be HAPPY with myself.😂 FOREVER ALONE sungguh... HAHAHA..😄

Yang pasti I is jelous dengan my sisters yang bercuti sekarang coz diorang cikgu.

Ape2 pun happy holidays all..
Selamat cuti sekolah to my anak2 buah😗

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